Manual Bottle Filling Machine with Crown Cap Closing Device

Manually operated machine, suitable for filling glass or plastic bottles with mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, beer and other type of carbonated drinks such as sparkling wine etc. Optimal shape of the filling cock prevents flattening or foaming of the liquid.
2-, 4- or 6-head types are the standard sizes. Due to its simple operation and long life time the machine is ideal for small private bottlers. The bottle filling machine can be connected directly to our sprinkling water- and soft drink processing equipment. The frame is adjustable according to the required standard bottle sizes from 0,2 lit up to 2,5 lit. For non-standard sizes the bottle filling machine is individually designed on the basis of respective sample. The filling level can be adjusted separately on each cock.
The bottle filling machine can be ordered completely with crown type closing device. The insert is changeable to fit non-standard bottles or when changing is required due to wear. The frame of the cap closing device is also adjustable according to the bottle sizes. The machine is made completely of acidproof stainless steel, expect the springs and sealing rubbers.

Please indicate in your order the following data:

  • application field (for soft drink or beer)
  • capacity: 2-, 4- or 6-head type machine
  • bottle sizes: in case of non-standard bottle sample or drawing required.
  • crown cap closing device, required or not
Bottle size adjustment on the frame
Filling level control on the cock
Crown cap closing device

Technical Data

Type 2 headed 4 headed 6 headed
Capacity: 100 - 150 bottles/h 200 - 300 bottles/h 300 - 450 bottles/h
Weight: 30 kg 40 kg 50 kg
Measures(mm): 400×830×1600 800×830×1600 1100×830×1600


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